For black is painted with millions / of yellow-white dots

Julian (aka Plateau Green), who also works as an eye doctor, wrote the lyrics for Akira after treating two little kids who had lost their eyesight due to an hereditary effect. Through the power of imagination and an innermost bond between each other, these siblings dreamt up their own shelter, a place illuminated by a universe of stars. Maximal humaneness – though more often feigned than true – is also at the core of the video for Akira. Again made by my brother Johannes, he this time slowed down and zoomed into the hasty gestures of YouTube stars. The extreme deceleration of the original video shows the start of an interaction with the machine. It renders filling material for the space between the frames, resulting in glitchy and morphing faces that make the protagonists look like otherworldly beings. (August 2017)

  • Aufnahmen von Türen und fallenden Messern in Antonias Küche, daraus Beat gebaut
  • Sample aus Twin SisterDaniel (Intro), Platte war ein Geschenk von Max
  • Midi Preset: Add Some Random!
  • Text sagt: Kreislauf – Organismus – CYCLE something’s circulating slowly / running through my blood / pounding quarters when I’m sleeping / routing all I’ve got.
  • Piano Cloud 3 (Carlos und Akira)
  • Arpeggiator plugged in, wabbert so schön
  • Heute in Malcolm X Autobiographie das Wort mold (Schimmel) entdeckt – als Arbeitstitel gut, wird vermutlich noch geändert
  • Der Blick vom Flügel in den Garten
  • Syrinx (Debussy), daraus ein Instrument bauen

The double-A-Side Cycle / Mold is the first stop on the path leading to Occupanther’s debut album. This process is intended to reflect on all the ideas, influences and samples that make up a track. The different shapes that thoughts and pieces of audio can take – once maybe written in a book or sung on a record – show that interconnectivity is the main underlying concept of sample-based electronic music. (June 2017)

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